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Site Updates

2-25-10Added website for Opus 2
10-1-08Added the "Pipe Scaling II" section under Mathematics.
8-18-07Uploaded most of the videos to YouTube
8-12-07Updated site to remove use of frames in the html code
5-29-07Added videos to the "Dedication" section
4-29-07Added a slide show video to the "Videos" section
4-27-07Added the "Dedication" section
4-26-07Added sound samples from my dedication recital to the "Sound Samples" section
4-17-07Updated the "Organ Builders" section on my visits to Pasi and Fritts
4-13-07Updated the "Pedalboard" section under "Construction". I redesigned the hinge mechanism for the pedal keys. While there is only one new photo, this was a significant improvement.
3-23-07Added pages to the "Organ Builders" section on my visits to Muhleisen and Koenig
1-23-07Updated the "Sound Samples" section with all new samples recorded on the finished organ
1-14-07Updated the "Manual Windchest" and "Hi Res Gallery" sections
1-13-07Updated the "Stop Action", "Montre", "Upper Case" and "Coupler Action" sections