Opus 2
Opus 2

- Pipes -

The scale for the pipes is based on an 8' flute from a three stop Brombaugh continuo organ. Blocks 1 and 2 form the ends of the organ and wrap under the windchest:

Blocks 3 and 4 are glued togehter and form the back of the organ with the mouths facing inside. Blocks 5 and 6 are glued together and are housed inside the organ.

This photo shows how all the pipes sit inside the organ. The C pipe snakes around with its stopper easily accessible for re-tuning when the organ is transposed to A-415.

Aluminum conveyance tubes for blocks 5 and 6:

The larger tubes feed block 1 and the smaller tubes feed blocks 3 and 4:

Each pipe is equipped with a set screw to regulate its volume. The set screws are nylon to reduce weight.

Blocks 1 and 2 are held in place with two wedges. This allows the pipe blocks to be easily removed for access inside the organ for tuning.

Block 2 being glued up:

Block 2 being mitered with a hand saw and guide blocks:

Here are the dimensions for all the pipes in mm:

The total weight for all the pipes including stoppers is 11.8 kg (26.0 lbs). Here's the weight breakdown in grams: