Opus 2
Opus 2

Opus 2 is a one stop continuo designed to be compact and lightweight for easy transportation. The whole organ is one unit with a self-contained blower and weighs 32.2 kg (71 lbs). The exterior dimensions are 935mm wide by 730mm tall by 270mm deep (36.8" x 28.7" x 10.6").

The manual is 51 notes (C-d3) and has Rosewood naturals contrasted with Curly Maple sharps. The organ is transposable to A-415, A-440 and A-466. There are 52 pipes for full compass at A-440 and A-466. Low C is retuned for A-415. All pipes are stopped wood with many bass pipes constructed as blocks to save space and weight. The manual lifts up and the pipe blocks on each end can be easily removed to provide access for tuning.

The casework is constructed of Walnut using mortise and tennon joinery for the frames and dovetails for the corners. The pipes are made of Poplar with Mahogany caps and are winded with either aluminum tubing or through grooves in the toeboard. The front mosaic is Curly Maple backed with accoustically transparent cloth. The windchest, blower cabinet and some mechanical parts are made of Baltic Birch plywood.

For transportation, the music rack folds flat and retractable handles on each end allow for a comfortable lift for two people. A cover is provided to protect the organ during storage or transport.

Opus 2 was sold to Stephen Klein of North Carolina.