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Calculating the Windsheet Thickness

I found a formula on the following website to calculate the windsheet thickness (WST). The WST and mouth height are defined in the image to the right. I'll summarize here by saying that a scientist named Hartmuth Ising developed a number to characterize the mouth of a pipe. The Ising number should be between 2 and 3. I=2 gives you maximum efficiency. As you increase the number, you get more harmonics and anything higher than 3 will overblow. I've found that I=2 gives good results. Here's the equation for calculating the WST:

WST =I2f 2ρH3
  • I is Ising's number
  • f is the frequency
  • ρ is the density of air
  • H is the mouth height
  • P is the air pressure

It's important to be careful with the units in this equation. Using 1.2 kg/m3 for the density of air and putting in a factor to correct for the units, the following equation will give you the WST in inches.

WST =I2f 2H3* 1.554 x 10-6
  • WST is the windsheet thickness in inches
  • I is Ising's number
  • f is the frequency in Hz
  • H is the mouth height in inches
  • P is the air pressure in inches of water