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I first met Mr. Pasi while he was in Dallas installing Opus 16. Click here for a page about this visit. Two years later on March 30, 2007, I visited his shop which is located 8 miles south of Tacoma. As soon as you go 0.1 miles south of Tacoma, you're in wilderness so his shop is in a beautiful location. Mr. Pasi's website has some very interesting videos about organ building. There is also detailed information about pipe scales and some drawings of his organs. Here's the main woodworking room:

Gluing leather to pallets:

A plane to make the bottom of the pallets flat:

Another woodworking room with the shop foreman keeping an eye on things:

Pipe shades in work:

Wood pipes. The back four are Haskell pipes which means the pipes are divided in two with the front part open and the back part stopped. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

Thread rolling machine:

Stack of toeboards:

Voicing room:

The following is a small three stop organ:

The keyboard has an interesting construction. Each key sits dirctly on a pallet and stays horizontal when pressed. There is no key rotation:

A view into the back showing the Regal and the wooden Rohr flute:

Reed pipe mandrels:

Casting table and hammering machine:

Scraping machine:

The following is Opus 18 which was being set up in the erecting room. This is a three manual, 47 stop organ for the Winnetka Congregational Church in Illinois:

The organ is too tall for the erecting room so the top division is set up out front: