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I visited Muhleisen on February 22, 2007 and was shown around by the current president Georges Walther. They were working on finishing a large organ that had been started by another company that went out of business. The organ is going to be about 70 ranks. Here are some photos from around the shop:

A double mouthed flute, it has a mouth on the front and back:

After visiting the shop, Mr. Walther and his wife invited us to go to a recital at the conservatory in Strasbourg. The recital was played on an organ that he built in 2005. Click here for more information on the organ. Click here for the specification.

The conservatory was in a new building that had a room specifically built for an organ. The room was fairly small but had really neat architecture. It was cone shaped and kind of spiraled upwards. Here's a view looking up: