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I visited Koenig on February 23, 2007 and was shown around by Yves Koenig. He was currently working on two projects. One was a restoration and the other was a new organ destined for China. Here's the restoration project:

Here's the organ for China:

Lumber drying and storage:

Both Koenig and Mulheisen had a system that would compress their saw dust into biscuits that could then be burned for heat:

Here are some photos from around the shop:

After visiting the shop, Mr. Koenig took me to the Saint-George church in Sarre-Union. The organ there had been restored by his father in 1967. Everything was done in the style of Dom Bédos.

Here's the pedal trumpet, then the 16' wood bombarde, then the 16' open wood:

A look into the positif:

Me at the console not having a clue what to do but having a great time: