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Upper Case

The upper case is made up of two end panels and a large center section. Here are the end panels. Each section has a notch for the CCC and CCC# pipes.

This is the CCC Soubasse pipe bending into the organ:

The façade pipes sit on thick built up pieces. Here's one being glued up:

There are holes bored in these pieces to feed air to the façade pipes. Because of the way the upper case is assembled, I made the top board removable. Here you can see the holes to that will feed air to the façade pieps:

This is the center piece:

For the side towers, it's easiest for the conveyance lines to feed straight down. I used copper pipe corners to turn into the upper case:

Here are the pipe shade frames. Eventually I painted them black and covered them with speaker grill material:

Racking the side tower façade pipes:

Racking the center façade pipes:

Being worked on in the shop:

The upper case lying face down ready to be installed:

Music light:


Upper case with pipe support braces and pipe shades:

Pipe shade clips:

Here's the music rack. The center is birdseye maple. This whole section is easily removeable to allow access to the inside of the organ:

The upper case fully assembled: