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Stop Action

The three stop knobs on the far right actuate swithces that turn on the blower, music light and pedal light. Here's the layout of the switches and outlets:

Now with the top and face plates in place. This unit is on the bottom side of the manual base board:

Here's how the lever arms connect to the swithches:

Click here (1.0MB) for a movie of the switch action.

The stop knob directly to the right of the manual controls a valve that shuts off the wind supply to the pedal windchest. The action goes through a square and down to the valve:

Click here for a movie of the pedal windchest valve in action.

The four knobs on the left side of the manual control the sliders on the manual windchest. Here's the orignal layout for the stop action:

I redesigned the stop action to put the Prestant rank in back of the Doublette rank. Here's the redesigned layout:

Click here (765KB) for a movie of the action in action:

The action for each stop goes through a trundle:

And then across the organ to a series of levers on the right side of the windchest. Each lever controls the position of the corresponding slider: