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Prestant Pipes

The Prestant pipes are identical to the Montre pipes except they are two notes smaller in scale. Here are all the dimensions (inches) for the Prestant pipes:

TWall Thickness IWInternal Width
CHCap Height IDInternal Depth
BTBottom Thickness ILInternal Length
WSTWindsheet Thickness TSLTuning Slot Length
MHMouth Height TSWTuning Slot Width
PSPipe Size

Here are all the Prestant pipes mounted on the windchest minus CC-GG which are offset to the sides:

Pipes CC-G2 have tuning slides and pipes G2#-A3 have tuning shades. The tuning shades are small plates that slightly cover the top of the pipe. Here's the transition point from tuning slides to tuning shades:

Here are the smallest Prestant pipes:

Pipes CC-GG are mounted off of the windchest. Here are pipes CC, DD, EE and FF# off the left end of the windchest: