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Montre Pipes

I wanted to try to make the Montre, Prestant and Doublette ranks in the French Romantic style which is without ears. Therefore I didn't cut the mouth into the pipe front like I did for the Bourdon pipes. Instead, I simply cut across the pipe front. I also beveled the leading edge of the caps to more closely simulate metal pipes. The scale for the Montre pipes is out of the Laukhuff catalog. The bottom octave is borrowed from the Bourdon rank so there are only 46 Montre pipes. All the Montre pipe are fitted with tuning slides. Pipes C-D2# make up the façade and pipes E2-A3 are mounted on the windchest. Here's a sketch showing a front and cross section view of a Montre pipe followed by a table of dimensions (inches) for the entire rank:

TWall Thickness IWInternal Width
CHCap Height IDInternal Depth
BTBottom Thickness ILInternal Length
WSTWindsheet Thickness TSLTuning Slot Length
MHMouth Height TSWTuning Slot Width
PSPipe Size

Here are some construction photos:

This is G2#:

Tuning slides:

Here are pipes E2-A3 mounted on the windchest. At the time that I made the windchest, I planned to put pipes C-F2# in the façade. Two years later when I started making the upper case, I decided I didn't want pipes E2-F2# in the façace but there wasn't room on the windchest for them. So I made a small offset shelf that sits just above the windchest. Thus pipes E2-F2# are sitting on a small table with conveyance lines:

These photos show the conveyance lines to the side towers of the façade:

These are the conveyance lines to the center towers:

Each façade pipe has a hook that mounts to a brace in the upper case:

And here's the complete façade: