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Manual Base Board

In reading about organ building, I've never come across something called the manual base board but that's the best description for this part of my organ. The manual base board obviously forms the base for the manual but also supports the stop action, coupler action and windchest.

Here are the cheeks being assembled:

The spacing of the pins for the manual was critical so I had a machinist friend of mine make a drill plate. The first hole in the drill plate is a precision slip fit over a Ø.125 pin. The rest of the holes are Ø.120. The first pin hole is drilled and then a pin is installed. The plate is set over this pin and screwed in place. The rest of the holes for that octave are then drilled:

Then the next "C" pin is installed, the plate is moved up an octave and the process is repeated:

The same procedure was used for drilling the front pins except that they are all in a straight line and not staggered like the middle pins:

Here's the front part being assembled to the main board:

Here's the box for the left side stop knobs being glued together:

Here are the left and right stop knob boxes. They are left open on the bottom to have access to adjust the stop points of the stop knobs:

Here they are being assembled to the main board:

I used a block when installing the manual key pins to make sure the pins went in straight and were all at the correct height:

This photo shows the holes being drilled for the coupler action to get to the tail end of the keys:

The holes for the stop knobs are lined with felt:

Here's the complete manual base board. The four 2x4 looking posts in the corners will support the windchest: