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Bourdon Pipes

The scale for the Bourdon pipes is the same as the Soubasse pipes except two notes smaller. Here's a sketch showing a front and cross section view of a Bourdon pipe followed by a table of dimensions (inches) for the entire rank:

TWall Thickness PSPipe Size
CHCap Height IWInternal Width
BTBottom Thickness IDInternal Depth
WSTWindsheet Thickness ILInternal Length
MHMouth Height

Here are all the sides for the first twelve pipes. Staring with two 2x12x16' poplar boards, it was almost a whole day of work to get to this point:

After seeing lots of real wood pipes with a square top on the block, I decided to make the Bourdon pipes this way as opposed to having a 70° slant as in the Soubasse pipes. Here are some photos of a Bourdon block with a flat top. For reference, there is a photo of a Soubasse block showing the 70° slant.

All the real wood pipes I've seen (except for 16' open wood pipes) have the mouth cut into the front. I decided to do the same for the Bourdon pipes. Here's the jig I made to cut the mouths using the router:

And after a little clean up with a razor blade and a square:

The Bourdon pipes don't have beards or ears: