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Blower Cabinet
(second try)

After making the first blower cabinet, I was very disappointed with how loud the blower was. The blower was louder in the cabinet than just sitting out in the open. I realized most of the problem came from the blower cabinet vibrating and transmitting sound to the whole frame as well. I decided to build a new cabinet with the following changes:

  • It would be made of 3/4 inch MDF
  • The intake would have an 'S' shape
  • The blower would connect to the cabinet through a leather sleeve
  • I would use real sound absorbing foam

Here's the cabinet with some of the sides removed:

This is the manifold I made to connect the leather sleeve to the blower:

Here's where the blower connects to the cabinet:

The leather sleeve is held in place with two hose clamps:

Here's a view back through the PVC pipe, leather sleeve and back to the vanes of the blower:

This shows how the air intake eliminates any line of sight between the outside world and the blower:

I used two car air filters:

Here's the new blower cabinet, a lot bigger and heavier but it works great: