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Blower Cabinet
(first try)

The blower cabinet is designed to serve two purposes. One is to silence the already very quiet blower and the second is to filter the air supply for the organ. The blower I chose is the Ventola .18 hp model 6 163 80 made by Laukhuff. It's rated to produce 171 CFM at 2 inches of water pressure and 106 CFM at 3 inches of water. Here's the blower:

Here's a picture of all the components of the blower cabinet. The bottom is in the center with the four sides next to it. The top of the cabinet is at the upper left and sound baffle is at the upper right. The sound baffle is a piece of ceiling tile with 621 .25 holes. The top has an air filter mounted in it. The bottom and sides are lined with foam to help absorb sound.

Here's a photo of the blower mounted to the bottom with two strain reliefs installed to hold the power cord in place.

The blower comes with built in rubber feet to isolate vibrations and reduce noise. I lined the interface area with some silicone rubber to further isolate the blower. Here's this interface:

Here's a view into the blower:

Here are photos of the blower cabinet assembly. First with two sides, then four sides, then the sound baffle and finally with the top installed:

Here's me installing the manifold the hard way and a photo of the manifold installed:

And finally here's a photo of the complete blower cabinet assembled and installed on the frame: